Chapter 33
...St. John Rivers, ...lifting the latch, came in out of the frozen hurricane...and stood before me: the cloak that covered his tall figure...white as a glacier. I was almost in consternation, so little had I expected any guest from the blocked-up vale that night. / “Any ill news?” I demanded. “Has anything happened?” /“No. How very easily alarmed you are!” he answered, removing his cloak and hanging it up against the door, towards which he again coolly pushed the mat which his entrance had deranged. He stamped the snow from his boots. / ... / “But why are you come?” I could not forbear saying. / “Rather an inhospitable question to put to a visitor; but since you ask it, I answer simply to have a little talk with you...since yesterday I have experienced the excitement of a person to whom a tale has been half-told, and who is impatient to hear the sequel.”